"The idea is to make the scene, upon entrance, a little overwhelming," says Leigh Feldman, founder of the "Massive" party taking place monthly at downtown's the Crown Room. As justification of the name, Feldman's description of the frenetic goings-on is expansive: "We have an amazing mix of ethnic backgrounds and orientations, a crowd of music lovers, fashionistas, designers, dancers, models, party people, nationally touring DJs, and a common theme of everyone wanting to just have fun."

Indeed. Originating in October of last year, the first Massive was born when Feldman, who'd already been busy throwing events around town, casually with friends as well as on a larger scale, stepped up to fill a calendar void. Throwing together a couple favorite DJs and giveaways (including ice cream scoops), he linked up with a nonprofit to be the beneficiary (a philanthropic tradition that stuck) and the party's success launched what has since become a highly photographable mélange of art and party people on the last Saturday of every month.

Those on the more studious end of the fashion conversation might be repelled by the party vibe—and to be fair, the proliferation of fashion-shows-as-parties has not uncommonly had the unfortunate side effect of fostering a mutual disillusionment among would-be designers and a bourgeoning faction of the local industry that is working intently on securing long-term, serious interest and respect from the outside world. But who would really want to deny (or could fail to distinguish) an environment from which a vivid visual display like the one pictured (credited to Lux Jewelry and Sarac Design and Accessories) is born? Not to mention the inherent inclusivity of Feldman's vision, which he rather charmingly hopes will eventually evolve into "an Oprah-like event, where every last Saturday of the month you come to Crown Room knowing we might be giving away shirts and shoes to everyone in attendance, or even a car."

It may sound messy and under-edited (Feldman says that most of the designers are booked via mutual friendships, as are the nonprofit beneficiaries), but it's also a one-stop whorl of creative primordial ooze that could include in a given evening any combination of the following: "acrobats, piñatas, blackjack tables, dance groups, beat boxers, stilt walkers, a pack of people dressed in Santa costumes, live art, or nationally known emcees/music groups." The only question, then, is if you have the nerve to brave the maelstrom. (Massive, The Crown Room, 205 NW 4th, Sat Aug 29, 9 pm, $3, or email leighfeldman3@gmail.com for free entry info.)