I'M GOING through withdrawal. Halo Shoes has closed its NE Broadway location after some impressive pre-move price cuts. They're moving into new digs on the other side of the river in the Pearl District—frankly they could probably move anywhere and their legion devotees would make the trek, but for sidewalk traffic this can only be a good thing for business. But fans will have to sit tight until October 1 at the earliest before the doors will reopen. In the meantime, if you need a high-end fall shoe fix, and you can't find what you need from the small collections offered at choice boutiques (Lille just added a micro shoe department of Chie Miharas, with more to come), consider it permission to cheat. I myself will be in Seattle shortly after this issue hits the streets, contemplating financial folly at Lambs Ear, and I'm checking the sales on barneys.com every day. (What can I say? When I need my fix, I need my fix.) On the other hand, those saints who hold out and save their pennies will be armed and dangerous by the time the new merchandise is unveiled. Your move.

It's not just about the shoes though. Even as Project Runway continues to siphon off our regional talent, still others are parting ways with us. When I ran into Andy Lifschutz last weekend, he broke it to me that he too is taking a hiatus from life in Portland to check out New York, though he assures me it's nothing personal. "It feels right energetically to spend some time out there before I am married, own a house, have babies, own a shop... all of those things I foresee happening here," he explains. "I am from here, and have a lot of pride for Portland and what I still feel is a growing amount of notoriety within our fashion scene. I will be wearing my Portland and Oregon heart on my sleeve out there, and let everyone know that my crazy designs are only possible because of the influence of the magical Northwest and all of its amazing talent. I do also plan to be in Portland quarterly to have shows, maintain accounts, and see family and friends." I'll hold you to that, Andrew Lifschutz...

In the meantime, pop down to NW 13th between Johnson and Irving, 5-10 pm this Thursday, September 2, where Lifschutz and Chelsea Erhart of Erhart Streetwear will be manning a dress-up photo booth where you can try on their work for the camera, and download the results.

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