Subject to Season: Dark Wave Afton Hakes

AFTER A SUCCESSFUL inaugural summer installment of Subject to Season, the style professionals who work out of Southeast Portland's Ford Building are ganging up with some friends for the October edition of the event—which is like a community trunk show-meets-costume party. The theme this time is "Dark Wave," which each contributor has taken under consideration in the curation and presentation of wares that range from floral arrangements to perfumes. It's a great one-stop resource for offbeat style that feels as much like a party as a pop-up shop. "I came up with the dark wave theme to show the spirit of the season," says accessory designer and co-organizer Hazel Cox. "Dark wave music, vintage clothes, moody accessories, fall fragrances, wall art, drinks. Definitely a shopping event with the 'hang out' feeling... We would love to encourage people attending the sale to wear their twist on dark wave styles; if people are dressed up it makes it so much more cohesive and special and fun."

Participants in addition to Cox include visual art by Clara Seasholtz and a "proper coming-out party" for the new fragrance from OLO, called Pauper, and developed in collaboration with Jason Kinney of the Pauper Voile line of scarves. "We were thinking of the story The Prince and the Pauper, but it is also inspired by living life as an artist," says OLO's Heather Sielaff. "The duality of appreciating and experiencing the 'finer things in life' but having no money. Pauper is like being in the dark woods dressed in your finest clothes, drinking absinthe, waiting for golden light to shine through the branches and guide you to another land."

Hairstylists Kim Namanny and Melody Geer will team up with makeup artist Alana Jevert to create inspirational styles that are "representing something cool from East London back in the day," as Namanny puts it. The clothing selected for the event by Yo Vintage! will include "leather skirts and shorts, gold sparkle leggings, sequin jackets, lots of red, lots of leopard prints, oversized printed coats, denim, '70s, sweaters, and of course a few jumpsuits for good measure!" according to Yo Vintage!'s Sarah Radcliffe. Palace's Charlotte Reich plans to contribute "natural fibers in deep grays, plums, and browns, colors that will go well with the warm metals of Hazel Cox's collection," and a floral collaboration between Fieldwork and Hilary Horvath will combine the influences of stormy weather and "objects of light." Contributing artist Afton Hakes perhaps best summarizes the mood: "For me, it is capturing a feeling inspired by the transition into shorter days, waning sunlight, and a return to creating and collaborating." Subject to Season: Dark Wave, Ford Building, 2505 SE 11th #106, Saturday 7-10 pm