'TIS THE SEASON for year-end lists, but in fashion it's more important (and exciting) to look forward than back. So we asked local designers, retailers, bloggers, and other industry folks for their 2011 style forecasts—read them all at mod.portlandmercury.com.

"Waxed canvas anything—boots, bags, jackets... it's the new-old heritage fabric that looks natural and rugged yet stays perfectly tech-y and waterproof. It's also vegan yet has the look of leather."—Chelsea Erhart, apparel designer, Erhart Streetwear

"It's all about the trouser. Goodbye skinny, hello tall drink of water! Trousers are back, and they are hitting stores hard this spring. The waistline is making the move back up. Think Katharine Hepburn! As far as the dress, think simplicity. The color palette for spring is green, yellow, lots of white, and neutrals. As we head into summer, look for lots of corals and punchy reds! Black continues to be underrepresented, with navy taking its place. Black is supposed to be making a comeback in fall 2012. I hope so!"—Carla Mink, owner, Mink boutique

"Natural fabrics: linens, cottons, and silks. With the price of gold and silver soaring, I see jewelry designers turning to other materials such as bronze. I really love matte lipstick right now in rich, full color. Minimal makeup with statement lips."—Charlotte Reich, owner, Palace boutique

"The side pony and center back high pony for hair, scrimshaw art, Conan O'Brien (especially in jeggings), beards will turn into mustaches, cypress trees, exotic game meat, drunk tennis in all white at night, denim gloves, knives, perfectly made ice cubes, very tight and thickly quilted matador short pants, larger-than-dinner-plates belt buckles, the color of money, lava, turquoise, wood, bronze, French cuff shirts and too much fragrance, Bianca Jagger, Lou Reed female look-alikes, the colors white, putty, lobster."—Hazel Cox, accessory designer

"Texture! Lacy tights, chunky knits, faux fur accents, ruffles, overlays, you name it. If it adds form to the fabric I think we'll see it."—Eden Dawn, writer and blogger

"Jeggings! I hate jeans with a passion, mostly because I can't afford to buy ones that fit properly and because I feel too casual when I wear them. Jeggings can be dressed up or down, and are always comfortable and way warmer than regular leggings! Sheer biker shorts are a must-have for me this spring. Wear them under cute floral dresses or skirts! Leopard print accessories. A little peek-a-boo here and there in the form of tights or headband can go along way. Turbans! I'm so in love with turban headbands this winter. They're a great alternative to beanies and look good on shorthaired girls like myself! The 1990s. Chunky boots, sweet babydoll dresses, leather jackets, lace. I love clog heels, especially those by Jeffrey Campbell and No. 6!"—Lindsey Reif, apparel designer, Reif

"I am forecasting a sort of androgynous look. I am in love with the idea of women in suits, vests, and neckties, and—sorry men—but men in suits and ties as well. My muses are Eurythmics-era Annie Lennox and David Bowie. For women, I am hoping for a clean aesthetic, to counteract all the mismatch-y grunge looks of late. I love the idea of a woman in skinny ties with button up shirts, either with pants or high-waist fitted skirts. I also love multiple textures in one look—like a suit that has some leather, some wool. I want the idea of a necktie to be worn more casually, by all. Even with dresses. Even with jeans. I am always intrigued with classic or traditional silhouettes with a modern or playful twist. Like, what if my necktie went all the way to my knees??"—Liza Rietz, apparel designer