TALK ABOUT EXTRA CREDIT: Jessica Lukaszenko is still a student at Portland State University, but she's not waiting for graduation. This week sees the official launch of her new business, Sir Lukas, which will offer styling, personal shopping, and fashion show coordination. Admittedly, there's not a huge market for something like personal shopping/styling in a fiercely independent—and not particularly employed—town like Portland (if we wanted to conform, we probably would have moved to LA), but what's awesome is her commitment to putting together fashion events that highlight local businesses and designers. She's currently planning to host a fashion show a month, noting that, "Portland Fashion Week isn't enough."

Indeed, and while she's keeping mum about next month's featured designers, the inaugural shindig will highlight one of Portland's most interesting concept stores, Golden Rule. Founded early last summer, proprietor Wynde Dyer turned the oddball inheritance of a huge collection of vintage clothing left by her mother into a new career. Furthering the therapeutic aspect of the endeavor, Golden Rule (which self-identifies as a "social experiment in creativity and commerce") rotates according to monthly themes, incorporating the work of local artists, designers, and consignors along with its curated selection of vintage items for the month (upcoming themes include "sexy professor, hot librarian, secretary chic" for March, and "Venice Beach circa 1990, hot but not insanity" for April).

Lukaszenko's knack for styling in the high/low modern tradition will be on display with her pairing of Golden Rule and Adah Lux designs, a brand-spanking-new line of "culturally contemporary" printed dresses that won't officially launch until April, along with Lux Jewelry (yes, they're sisters). Sir Lukas launch and fashion show, Candy Ultra Lounge, 904 NW Couch, Fri Feb 18, 7 pm, $10, all ages

Speaking of fashion shows, don't forget that the Mercury is currently accepting submissions from Portland apparel and accessory designers for our seventh annual spring showcase, Open Season. We love to show a mix of established designers along with fresh new names, so if you're not already on our radar, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce us to your work! All you need to do is send us photos of completed recent work, accompanied by a brief bio stating where you're coming from with your aesthetic (extras like sketches and swatches are welcome, but please don't send us anything that you will need to get back) to, or via snail to 605 NE 21st, Ste. 200, Portland, OR 97232. Submissions are due no later than 5 pm on Monday, March 14!