It's a rule: At the end of every year, one must look back and take stock, even in the forward-thinking world of fashion. We asked some players in the local industry to tell us what their favorite style moments, objects, and inspirations were in 2011.

Justin Machus, owner, Local35 and Machus

Seeing the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Incredibly inspiring. 

Emily Baker, designer/owner, Sword + Fern

The Pendleton Portland Collection, the Golden Rule lookbooks, the textiles designed by AfterAll for Gretchen Jones' spring/summer 2012 collection, Anya [Ayoung-Chee] winning Project Runway, Sarah Burton's [Alexander] McQueen collections, Jenna Lyons—the J.Crew creative director—coming out as a lesbian and finding love with Philip Crangi's hot sister, Erin Considine jewelry, Mociun jewelry, Prism Factory (the in-house dyed, vintage T-shirt line at Palace), Boet jewelry, and Ms. Wood leather bags and shoes.

Anna Cohen, creative director, Imperial Yarn

The sense that an industry community is emerging. It seems that an energy of excitement for shared interests and mutual respect has begun to sprout, now that our roots are stable enough and the Portland way of nurturing ideas and influences is coming with it. Hurray! I'm glad to see that the small-town-biggest-fish-in-the-room-ism has, might I say, officially come to a close.

Bria Phillips, owner, Le Train Bleu

My favorite object of 2011 is the Adam Arnold-slip-covered Beckman sofa from Schoolhouse Electric. I love their entire new range, and that they are collaborating with artisans, but I can't stop dreaming of this piece in particular.

Jonny Shultz, fashion director, Q6 Model & Artist Management

I loved: Youth Lagoon and Blouse's debut albums, the launch and success of the Portland Collection by Pendleton, the Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012 [collection], Gretchen Jones' debut Guilty as Charged presentation. Large raw rocks and stones as pendants, more tattoos in men's fashion photography.

Caesy Oney, designer/owner, Draught Dry Goods

The DW ready-to-wear fox fur backpack on the runway at the Kanye West debut in Paris. All fox, all fur, all leather, all backpack everything.

Dawn Sharp, designer/owner, Dawn Sharp

My Bruno Magli black velvet '60s flats with fake fur pompons (so many more shoes should have pompons!), and my Heather Treadway petal-pink silk velvet cape.

Melora Thomsgård, designer/co-owner, Siljan

Favorite object(s): Bjørg jewelry. Favorite moment: The newly attributed Rembrandt painting. After a series of x-rays of a painting previously attributed to one of his students, art historians found a self-portrait of the 24-year-old Rembrandt under the layers of paint of a portrait of an elderly subject. Art plus science!

Barbara Seipp, designer/owner, Isaac Hers

The maxi skirt/dress hit its stride in Portland—yay! While maxis' presence has never waned in places like LA, and they are a big part of the '70s return and Native American trend, Portland has resisted. Last spring I started to see the maxi quite a bit around town. Love them—so feminine, so comfortable. Maybe there is hope for Portland! Also, so excited to see the new Solestruck store stocked with their more adventurous shoes!!  

Jakob Thomsgård, designer/co-owner, Siljan

The movie Drive.

Tara Swenson, co-designer of Moonsssswoon, co-owner of Reunion

The feeling I got when I first saw video footage of people uniting in protest to demand human rights at occupations around the world. 

Lisa Warninger, photographer, Urban Weeds

The bags from Wood & Faulk.

Elizabeth Mollo, backstage manager and show coordinator, Portland Fashion Week

Going to New York to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET. It was so inspiring to see so much of his work all in one place. The installations were incredible, and the hologram of Kate Moss made me a little misty eyed!

Molly Gove, Duchess of Accord (Style Consultant), Duchess Clothier

The trend I most approved of was the Occupy Movement because, whether people were involved, or approved of it or not, it caused a large cross-section of Americans to engage in political discussion and discourse in a way that I have not seen in my lifetime.

Megan Arambul, Floral Designer, Fieldwork

I enjoyed preparing flowers for Usher, but not as much as becoming a mommy.