MENSWEAR OPTIONS are continuing to expand in Portland, and the most recent addition won't put as much strain on the old wallet as some of its compatriots. Housed in the tiny space previously occupied by Recycled Chic Boutique (which has since moved just a block further down the street) at 744 NW 12th, the Haberdashery is within striking distance of the young creatives on a budget whose minds are being molded at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, but its well-selected and well-priced trove of designer consignment finds should be on the radar of designer-loving dudes in every tax bracket.

Founder Todd Everett Kinner first quietly swung open the doors in early February—his first brick 'n' mortar venture, though he's been selling on eBay for years and balances the shop with work as a freelance photographer. The minimal square footage doesn't allow for much filler, and Kinner stocks it with designers that reflect his own tastes. Brands like Paul Smith, Dolce & Gabbana, Acne, J. Crew, Helmut Lang, Uniqlo, A.P.C., Naked and Famous, H by Hudson, and Prada are represented, sometimes with sample sale rescues that have never been worn. On the whole the condition of the pieces is excellent, with a few conscious exceptions like a beaten-to-perfection motorcycle jacket. His pricing, too, is commendable, with few things breaking the $100 mark, and lots of quality shirts in the $20-30 range, and mint-condition denim for half of what you'd pay for full retail.

As to the name he chose for the shop, Kinner explains, "In high school I remember reading Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and learning the word 'haberdasher' for the first time... I have always like the word, and it signified an upscale men's clothing store to me. Somewhere you would go to buy something dandy, like a well-designed shirt, an alluring tie, or the perfect jacket."

In other news, the Mercury's eighth annual Open Season spring fashion show has been officially scheduled for Saturday, May 12, at Sandbox Studio (420 NE 9th), and we are now accepting submissions for designers interested in being featured in one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Portland-area apparel, accessory, and print designers are welcome to apply, but all must be prepared to present full looks on the runway. Those interested should send a brief statement about your design background and current point of view, along with photos of completed garments/pieces, and your contact information to or Portland Mercury, 115 SW Ash, #600, Portland, OR 97204.