ON THE SOMEWHAT desolate stretch of NE Sandy where the cultural landmarks consist of a handful of beloved dive bars and some kind of doughnut shop, See See Motorcycles (1642 NE Sandy) has set up shop. Part coffee house and part custom motorcycle shop, See See recently completed the third piece of their triumvirate, opening a retail wing.

The merchandise here extends beyond the expected necessaries. Biltwell helmets and armored leathers from Portland-based Icon are among the items swinging on the racks (not to mention one of the coolest and burliest pairs of riding boots I've ever seen), but the shop is also a down-low resource for well-priced, slightly rugged, casual menswear for off the bike, too. Another Portland brand, Poler (who, by the way, is one of the brands featured at the upcoming Mercury Open Season fashion show on May 12 at Sandbox Studio), is represented with a healthy selection of T-shirts and hats.

Other gear from Southern California's strong motorcycle culture join their northern kin, with gorgeous, unarmored leather jackets by Roland Sands (Safety nag: For fashion wear only, since you really should be armored when you ride. End safety nag.), and a great selection of shirts (of the collared as well as T-shirt variety), hoodies, jeans, and caps by Deus Ex Machina and Brixton.

Truly a dudely shopping environment, complete with a vintage motorcycle and set of tools integrated into the store displays, women don't go completely ignored here. A small selection of leather accessories by local Jacqueline Davis is worth a visit from the fairer sex alone, with badass woven cuffs, belts, and earrings at criminally reasonable prices (belts are $40, jewelry $18-22). Easy to miss from the busy street, this is one little shop you may not want to ride on by.

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