Yo Vintage!

WE'RE REALLY IN IT NOW: The heaviest-partying time of the year is in full swing. There are so many parties and events that people are running out of appropriate times of the week to throw them. You can dimly see the logic to it ("if we throw our party at 2 pm on a Tuesday, surely nobody will be double booked"), but there's a bigger issue here: How are you supposed to show up to these shindigs looking awesome, when it's your sixth party this week and you're running on four hours of sleep and three cups of Hair Bender?

First of all, a little secret I learned recently from Terri Lodge of Blush Premier Makeup: Take a look at the color wheel; opposites counteract. If your under-eye circles are purplish, a yellow corrector will mask them. And if your shadows are more bluish, you need an orange to neutralize it. Lodge would want you to be aboveboard about this and go to the Bobbi Brown counter or whatever, but you can also go to Rite Aid and grab the cheapest, most matte orange (no shimmering please) tube of lipstick you can find, and it will probably work almost as well. Which is why parties aren't brightly lit.

Disappointingly, a vast majority of things in the world can't be helped by cheap lipstick, and the state of your wardrobe is one of them. Embrace it. Portland has a long history of disses on its fashion sense, but the product of being overwhelmingly casual and "weird" translates into an environment of complete freedom. Unlike more dress-coded cities, where boring black Banana Republic skirts are coveted as "perfect" by virtue of being inoffensive, we're wearing leopard-print turbans (big right now, thanks to Portland clothing line Reif), sequins, and black lipstick (Portland Black Lipstick Company is a real thing, too) to the DMV.

An important part of the culture here is to resist trends, so without trying to be too prescriptive, I (along with MOD contributor Coco Madrid) spoke to some local industry experts about what they're feeling for the festive season. Read more at mod.portlandmercury.com.

"I'm really into textures—silks, leather, lamé, shiny things—mixed together in one outfit. And I'm still really into the androgynous look: oversized white men's shirts with leather pants, or high-waisted leather skirts with oversized men's gray Ts, a statement necklace, camo jacket, and/or oversized blazer. It's less about sequins for me this year and more about mixing up textures, layers, and dress-up/dress-down styles, glammed up with a touch of red lippy and sky-high heels. As for hair and makeup, I learnt from the best, [Portland stylist] Randi Whipple: 'The bigger the hair, the closer to god.'"—Sarah Radcliffe, Yo Vintage!

"For the gents: Leave the untucked flannel at home and save it for the 'next' time you go logging. Instead, wear a sports coat in a winter fabric and texture, such as nubby wool (herringbone or tweed) or jewel-toned velvet (blue, green, burgundy). And wear a tie; it completes the look. If you are a true badass, wear a tuxedo and black bowtie. After all, it is the Year of the Tuxedo—just watch how you will command respect, feel good, and stand out. If you must, wear a holiday sweater, but you're an adult and a gentleman, so make it classy."—Crispin Argento, PINO

"I try to dress for the event, while also keeping my personal-style mantra in mind. I love denim, and I find that it can be worn to any type of event—but it does depend how you style it! I bought a denim bow tie this year and covered it in bleach spots. I love it with all black!"—Ty McBride, Solestruck

"To get more pop to the eyes, use glitter liners, or frost colors on the lids. Use shades like blue or gray. Lips: Go for a glossy nude or matted red, fuchsia, or purple. For hair: Keep it simple! Messy low buns or soft, beachy waves with small braids tied up to the sides."—Abibat Durosimi, Tabiba Styles


The holiday shopping flurry of parties and pop-ups is winding to an end, but here are this week's, which all just happen to fall on Thursday. Weirrrd.


 Jet has an event geared toward men (who need to finish their shopping for women). The Men's Shopping Event will involve throwing darts, drinking beers, and throwing empty peanut shells on the floor as well as gift wrapping. Seriously. Jet, 3753 N Mississippi, 4-8 pm

 The last of Radish Underground's Thursday events in December features the Harlow Holiday Trunk Show, with 30 percent off pieces from the collection and designer Ruthie Crawford on hand. Radish Underground, 414 SW 10th, 5-8 pm

 Two fantastic local lines, Seaworthy (jewelry) and She-She (apparel) are teaming up for a last-minute holiday sale with discounts up to 60 percent off. Seaworthy, 333 NE Hancock, #5, 4-8 pm