Burnside Proper Josh Drescher
The time has passed for gentle chiding. It is absolutely inadvisable at this point to delay your Christmas shopping any further. I know, I know, even though I have been publicly urging people to get started on this since summer was barely over, even I haven't actually managed to crawl out of semi-hibernation to get it done.

One advantage to not having blown the wad yet is that there's still a good chunk of the month left to take advantage of the many shopping bazaars that are happening up until almost the very last minute. One that I am particularly looking forward to is For the Love of the Hunt. In what will hopefully become an annual event, For the Love of the Hunt brings together businesses that dot the bourgeoning E Burnside (as in east of the river but west of the Sandy/Burnside intersection, or "LoBu," if you must).

Initially the brainchild of Tatiana Sakurai and her cohorts at salon/studio/retail space Burnside Proper (624 E Burnside), the event invites shoppers to stroll the strip between new-ish bar/lounge rontom's (600 E Burnside) and the Doug Fir (830 E Burnside). Participating establishments will have a variety of specials and sales, plus additional discounts if you bring in a canned food donation for the Oregon Food Bank. There will also be a raffle, with prizes like a free night's stay at the Jupiter Hotel (800 E Burnside), haircuts from the stylists at Burnside Proper, gift certificates for jewelry from Sakurai's own Hubris & Sophrosyne line (pictured here), prints from Burnside Proper's resident photographer Josh Drescher (that's also his work here), bottles of wine from acclaimed restaurant Le Pigeon (738 E Burnside), and more. If you're lucky, you'll either get some gifts crossed off your shopping list for free, or reap the benefits yourself. And yeah, I said free: Instead of buying raffle tickets, you can pick up a "scavenger hunt" card at participating locations, and have it stamped by each spot on the route you hit. Once you've been to 10 locations, you're automatically eligible to enter the raffle.

It may sound like a lot of legwork, but it's going to be fun: Stop for bargains on drinks and nibbles at restaurants like the Farm Café (10 SE 7th), Grendel's coffee shop (729 E Burnside), and bars like the B-Side (632 E Burnside), which'll be keeping the party alive all night. And don't forget L'Astra (22 NE 7th)! Today will mark the first day of this little restaurant's seven-night-a-week schedule, and they'll be celebrating with cheap deals on small plates and glasses of wine.

But enough about the food—don't forget to shop. Burnside Proper is bringing in a few guest designers, with names like Liza Rietz (she of the lovely dresses you see smart girls wearing out) and Patrick Powell (he of the rich-looking leather goods, from belts to bags) being floated as likely suspects for an informal group trunk show. The space will also play host to a magician and tarot card reader.

Other stores not to miss are Ozone Records 03 (701 E Burnside #101), Hattie's Vintage (729 E Burnside—a great spot for vintage shoes, especially for ladies with tiny feet!), and new kid on the block Zeno Oddities (729 E Burnside #105, boasting an eclectic selection of vintage books, records, clothes, and knickknacks). Find regional jewelry and other treasures at Redux (811 E Burnside), along with building-mates Grass Hut Gallery (art, stuffed creatures, pillows, calendars, and more), Denwave (edgy clothing and jewelry, including that of co-proprietors and local cult favorites Hazel Cox and Genevieve Dellinger), and Moshi Moshi (Japanese cute and kitsch). Plus, in the space formerly occupied by Yes, the raffle prizes will be displayed, along with films and other surprises.

Across the street you'll find bargains at the Ivy Studio (800 E Burnside), while the Doug Fir will be hosting its monthly Crafty Wonderland event, itself a wealth of locally made, creative, and unique gift ideas. The vibe down on E Burnside is chill and creative, so there is always a likelihood that even more impromptu good times will occur. Sidewalk BBQs? Dance parties? You won't know if you don't go. For the Love of the Hunt, Sunday Dec 10, all day and all night!

Need more bazaar? There's also the Radical Women Holiday Craft Bazaar, promising "scarves, gift cards, and multi-ethnic baked goods" (Saturday Dec 9, Bread and Roses Center, 819 N Killingsworth, 10 am-4 pm) and SCRAP's Fifth Annual Holiday Bazaar & Bake Sale (Saturday Dec 9, 3901A N Williams, 11 am-6 pm), which features items made from re-used materials. These can be dicey, but my all-time favorite is Marc Willwerth's Perfect Children, a line of mutant stuffed animals made from unwanted old ones—anyone who can't appreciate that deserves nothing but coal.

Need something besides a bazaar? Phlox (3962 N Mississippi) is having special deals every weekend until Christmas, and this Saturday and Sunday you'll get 20% off all the dresses in their classy, girly selection.

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