Stand Up Comedy

Just when you thought you couldn't cram any more into the retail hive of 811 E Burnside, here comes Stand Up Comedy in Suite 119, a most exciting addition to what is shaping up to be an indie mini-mall for Portland's smart set.

Described as a "general store," SUC is bringing to town an eclectic mix of avant-garde clothing for men and women, visual art, print media, and whatever other objects strike their fancy—distortion pedals from Occtone, for instance.

While it may sometimes seem we've quite enough clothing in Portland, SUC is poised to offer you something dramatically different, focusing on labels with a cult, international appeal. As Diana Kim, co-owner along with Rachel Silberstein explains, they have chosen "designers with a sensibility that leans toward the surrealistic, experimental, and architectural. We like things that play with archetypal notions of art, fashion, and design. That all sounds very highfalutin, but we also love jokes and eccentricity, hence the name of the shop. The aim was to express the idea of complex simplicity—the basis of genuine, performative humor."

And what manner of clothing, you may wonder, fulfills this lofty profile? Think luxurious leather Cerre handbags (SUC is one of only three boutiques you can buy them, along with Paris' legenadary Colette), and the '70s revival of Dittos jeans. Dark, edgy pieces from Staerk alongside bright, conceptual pieces from Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Plus Karen Walker, Rhus Ovata, Pleasure Principle, Rachel Comey, Patrick Rzepski—not your average cluster of designs found in Portland, these styles will be attractive to the shopper who wants to support local boutiques, but craves something sleeker and more modern. Check it all out at their not-to-be-missed opening party (um, it's a kegger). (Stand Up Comedy, 811 E Burnside, Ste 119, Fri June 1, 6-9 pm)

In other news, urban apparel screenprinting and embroidery company Hart Mind Soul is having a fashion show showcasing their summer line. Much of the repertoire is graffiti style, ranging from silly messages ("I Beat up Porn Stars," "OG Pimp") to logos and illustrations of dinosaurs, lunatics, etc. (The Venue, 2808 NE MLK, Fri June 1, 9 pm, $10/$5 with can of food)

Also don't miss the official grand opening of Amalee, featuring a trunk show by Gretchen Jones, who was also featured in the Mercury's spring fashion show. (Amalee Boutique, 909 N Beech, Ste. A, Sat June 2, 6-9 pm)

More clothes when you need less: