THERE'S A BRIGHT, goofy, retro-futuristic charm to the original Star Trek TV series that's impossible to replicate with post-1960s technology—but John Byrne makes a damn good effort with Star Trek: Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor, a four-issue series starring the Enterprise's Leonard "Bones" McCoy. From rampaging alien flora to mysterious, sentient viruses, McCoy's intergalactic challenges are legion; luckily, he's armed with both his medial tricorder and curmudgeonly wit.

Dense and blocky, Byrne's artwork and page layouts have a blunt, effective functionality; likewise, his script dashes off McCoy's adventures and grumblings in broad but evocative strokes. Most importantly, Byrne pulls off the tricky feat of capturing the humor, wonder, and pop sci-fi aesthetics of old-school Trek. Frontier Doctor feels like an inventive, long-lost Star Trek spinoff; here's hoping these four issues aren't all we'll get.

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