Nicole Georges protests. In the most recent split zine Invincible Summer 20/Clutch 23, Clutch McBastard has portrayed her as frowning and upset about her meeting with Art Spiegelman. He also claims she thinks kittle kids' comics suck.

"I don't want the world to think I hate kids' comics," Georges says, "So I'm going through and hand editing my copies."

Every year McBastard and Georges make diaries about the first two weeks of May and release a split diary zine together. It's fun to watch them interact with one another as their stories overlap. On one page McBastard commiserates with Georges over the preemption of the last episode of The Amazing Race for news of Bin Laden's death. On the next page Georges sits in bed and shouts at the television, "Why must you terrorize me from beyond the grave?"

These two are really funny. As the comic continues, Georges takes the train to Seattle to see her YACHT-guitarist girlfriend and McBastard becomes obsessed with the growing raccoon-related incidents in his neighborhood. He wonders if his life has become too boring to keep up a diary comic. He really needn't fret. The cool comparison between Georges' jam-packed days and McBastard's reiterations that "At work, Allie is still pregnant," definitely work with charm.

Presented in royal blue ink, I can't recommend this year's Invincible Summer/Clutch split enough for an afternoon when you might want to think about what it is to be a friend, to view things differently, and stay a friend.