"WE'RE ONLY A few steps away from a 1963 high school talent show." This is the humble claim of Leif Anders, bassist and vocalist of Orca Team, a band who has been regularly playing shows since Anders' previous effort, a punk outfit dubbed Fuck You Safari, was all but phased out. 

Many would disagree with his statement, since in recent months Orca Team has stolen the hearts of both Hosannas (formerly Church, who requested Orca Team to open their album release show) and rowdy, basement punk showgoers alike, with their breezy, early '60s surf-pop inspired tunes. There's a reason this trio can appeal to so many different types of music fans at any given moment—Orca Team is a post-punk band subtly blurring the lines between Buddy Holly-esque '50s pop and Avengers VI '60s surf rock, and translating it all into something like a Gang of Four homage to Blue Hawaii.

Perhaps what makes the music of Orca Team (Anders, with Ami Taylor on drums and Jessica Baldauf on guitar) so endearing is their unadorned wholesomeness. Orca Team unapologetically deliver straightforward, catchy pop songs about love that tap into a hidden longing we all share: to be a simple, suburban teenager in the early '60s who dreams of dancing with Elvis at a picturesque beach party, and sharing a soda pop (two straws) with our sweetheart before locking hands at the drive-in.

Perhaps Orca Team's uncomplicated sound is linked to their reliance on the universe's star alignment to make up the band's chemistry. So much so that when finding a drummer, "Jessica wanted a fire sign trifecta of a band—an Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius," Anders explains. However, after a Sagittarius drummer backed out, they found an equally compatible, and extraordinary skillful, drummer in Ami Taylor (a Cancer). With low-fi recording genius Robert Comitz (Hornet Leg, Nucular Aminals) manning the soundboards of a future release, I wouldn't be surprised if it's written in the stars that Orca Team will be many people's soundtrack to next summer.