TANGLED Can we watch Aladdin? Pleeeeaasee??

FIRST, HER NAME wasn't "Tangled." That's confusing. It was Rapunzel! She started out as a baby—then turned 16! But before that she was a baby princess. And a mean bad mommy witch stole her from Queen Mommy and King Daddy and put her in a tower! Because her hair was MAAAAGIC! And when mean bad mommy witch touched it, she turned young. And pretty! But still mean. So Rapunzel's hair got very, very, very, very, very, VERY lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng. When daddy brushes my hair, it hurts.

Mean bad mommy witch told Rapunzel there were mean people outside the tower and she should never leave. That's what mean daddy in The Little Mermaid said, too. I love The Little Mermaid! But let me tell you something: Queen Mommy and King Daddy were so sad about Rapunzel they sent lantern balloons into the sky for her birthday—it was verrry pretty, umm-hmm. My birthday is in April, and I want Laura to come to my party. And I want a Polly Pocket Sparklin' Pets playset.

So a thief came along, and Rapunzel took a frying pan... BANG! Hit him in the face. That was funny. But the thief's name was Eugene and he didn't want to be a thief—he wanted to be a prince! Just like Aladdin! Can we watch Aladdin? Pleeeeaasee??

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Eugene tried to help Rapunzel escape, but they were chased by two brainy-eyed guys and a funny horse who acted like a dog. And there was a little old man... and he wore a DIAPER! OH. So so so so FUNNY! The mean bad mommy witch chased them too... and... and... I forget what happened next. But the movie ended.

I liked Rapunzel. I didn't love her. Tangled was good. Better than Toy Story 3. It was good. It was good. IT WAS BRILLIANT! The end.

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