One day, while simultaneously eating a tofurkey sandwich and reading Good To Eat: Riddles of Food and Culture, by notable anthropologist Marvin Harris, it occurred to Mark Nuckols that there might be a place in the world for an edible human-flesh alternative. After a period of rigorous product testing, Hufu (pronounced hoo foo) was born. Several hundred pounds of soy-based "flesh" and one high-profile Daily Show interview later, it seems Nuckols has a certified (not to mention tasty) juggernaut on his hands. Wannabe cannibals take heed:

Mercury: Exactly how much Hufu did you have to eat during the development process?

Nuckols: I ate a lot during development, but that's just because I like textured soy products.

Where and how is Hufu manufactured?

We originally had a Dutch producer, but have switched to a domestic firm that makes it according to our specifications—however, they prefer to remain anonymous.

Are you a vegetarian?

No, but I used to be, for maybe six months or so.

Did you, at any time become creeped out by the prospect of ingesting human "flesh"?

Me? Never. I'd eat real human flesh in a heartbeat if I were invited to a cannibal feast.

Have you been inundated with orders since you were interviewed on The Daily Show?

Yes, orders and website traffic are up substantially, and have stayed surprisingly strong.

Which state or nationality buys the most Hufu?

We get the most orders from California and Texas, by far.

It looks as if you're making alternative human "organ meats" available soon. Are you planning on fabricating other "taboo" flesh alternatives such as dolphin or bald eagle?

We just announced a new product launch, "Delicious Baby Seal—The Veal of the Sea," and are working right now on "Endangered Panda," another exciting taste sensation for adventurous eaters.

Do you consider what you do slightly patronizing?

Patronizing? To whom? We are satisfying the inner cannibal in just about everyone.

Do you consider Hufu authentically delicious?

Of course—see our blog and recipe page ( for more comments.

What is the approximate volume (weight) of Hufu you've sold thus far?

Oh, maybe several hundred pounds.

Is there a single most memorable correspondence from someone of standing who was particularly appalled by the existence of your product?

Well, my psychiatrist was pretty freaked out. She told me she once was making a tofu dish for dinner and couldn't eat it because the texture reminded her of Hufu, and hence human flesh. And one of my classmates had a dream after tasting the product at a taste test—he dreamed that a cannibal was chasing him and his sister, waving a human rib in his hand.

Has anyone famous purchased Hufu?

Milla Jovovich named the product. (A funny story, read about it on the website.)

Do you plan on continuing this endeavor indefinitely?

Oh, this business has plenty of continuing potential for expansion.

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