Everyone wonders whether they're popular. Now it's never been so easy to find out. Just take this easy quiz and match your score with your social caste. Good luck! And remember, no cheating!

1. If you and Drew Barrymore were friends, you'd:

a. entertain her with your encyclopedic knowledge of state birds.

b. show her how you can eat a live fish without vomiting.

c. ask her what E.T. was really like.

d. advise her to use her position to promote a feminist agenda.

2. You want go to college to major in:

a. psychology

b. musical theater

c. thermonuclear physics

d. college is just another way The Man keeps us down

3. If you could be anyone in the whole world, you'd be:

a. Justin Timberlake

b. Britney Spears

c. Puff Daddy

d. Kierkegaard

4. When you think of "Eternity," you think of:

a. Math class

b. Time without beginning or end

c. Death

d. A fragrance by Calvin Klein

5. While browsing at Contempo Casual with friends, you come across a metallic silver hooded baby-doll t-shirt. You want it, but your charge card is maxed! You decide to:

a. Save money from your after-school job working with mentally retarded old people.

b. Steal it.

c. Make one of your friends steal it.

d. Do nothing. All your disposable income goes to acne medication.

6. If you had to flee your burning house and could only save one item, you would save:

a. Your signed photograph of Freddie Prinze, Jr.

b. Your Rocky Horror Picture Show DVD.

c. Your retainer

d. Your sister

7. Finish this sentence-- In a perfect world:

a. no one would go hungry

b. no one would wear white socks with brown shoes

c. cheerleaders would be hobbled

d. smart people would just shut up

8. Your favorite character on Buffy is:

a. Buffy

b. Willow

c. Giles

d. Xander


. a. (3) b. (2) c. (1) d. (4). 2. a. 1 b. (2) c. (3) d. (4). 3. a. (1) b. (1) c. (1) d. (2). 4. a. (4) b. (1) c. (1) d. (2). 5. a. (1) b. (3) c. (2) d. (1). 6. a. (1) b. (2) c. (3) d. (4). 7. a. (4) b. (1) c. (2) d. (1). 8. a. (1) b. (2) c. (1) d. (1).

(8-13 points)

You work a room better than Christina Aguilera. People tell you that you look like Kate Hudson/ James Van Der Beek. You enjoy school dances, bleaching your teeth, and shoplifting. You are not very smart. You are also shallow and manipulative, but somehow fabulous at the same time. Your most embarrassing moment was in second grade when you had a piece of lettuce on your teeth for a whole period! You give a world-class handjob. All your friends secretly hate you. You probably have an eating disorder.


You wear a lot of black and if you participate in an extracurricular activity, it is probably theater. People tell you that you look like Joan Jett/Hegel. You have every episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus on VHS. Once you wore a velvet cape to school. Your plans for the future include leading a small band of rebels after the apocalypse, or possibly directing experimental theater in New York City. You're a vegetarian and probably think you're psychic. You enjoy 'zines, Broadway musical soundtracks, and professional ice-skating. You will do anything for attention. You are probably gay.

(19-22 points)

You are an egghead and a virgin. You are also myopic, and do not excel at sports. People tell you that you look like Janet Reno/Urkel. You own at least one piece of X-Files paraphernalia, probably a t-shirt. You work part-time as a Webmaster and last year cleared $125,000 after taxes. Your parents are either professors or scientists. You enjoy graphic novels, writing code, and plotting your evil plan of world domination. You will probably be very rich.

(23+ points)

You live to give speeches and to write slogans on butcher paper. People tell you that you look like Janeane Garofalo/Sartre. You wear glasses, but they probably aren't prescription. You haven't read The Communist Manifesto, though you quote from it often. You enjoy walkouts, sit-ins, and strikes. You are probably on student council. You hope one day to be at the forefront of a socio-political revolution. You will probably become an investment banker.