With an unusual dearth of beheading and celebrity porn videos circulating on the web, it's come to our attention that other, non-pussy and -terrorist driven videos exist on the internet. Until the Ashlee Simpson or Bill Cosby videos blow up on the web, here are a few to pass the time at work.

Mind Trix

The premise is simple, the execution amateurish--this short video depicts Star Wars action figures living out the Geto Boys' "Mind Playing Tricks On Me." When Scarface, Willie D., and Bushwick Bill dropped this paranoia track in '91, it was the most chilling thing to come out of hiphop so far. When Willie D. brags that he "makes big money, drives big cars," there is no better visual, however, than Luke Skywalker cruising down some toy-lined street in his pimped-out sand skimmer.

Bjork and Spike Jonze's Triumph of a Heart

Bjork, Spike Jonze, a dancing cat--this one seems like a can't miss! Unfortunately, this I Will Survive tale never quite lives up to its potential. The "impromptu" vocal texturing scene seems like a bad hipster beer commercial, and the final dancing cat scene is fun and ridiculously bad at the same time. Bjork does throw her heartbreaking cat one "oh, you!" look that will weaken most viewer's knees.

Mocky's Mickey Mouse Muthafucker

So-so rapper Mocky wins mega points by rhyming "I Mickey mouse muthafucker" with "I make you bounce, muthafucker," and with his amazing video to said tune, which is based entirely on Google Image Search. A small jpeg corresponding to each lyric is flashed onscreen, which gets pretty snazzy with lines like "lyrically I take you to the Hippodrome / Call you Snuffleupagus / Make you study at the home of Greek philosophers."

Bad Weatherman

OK, "bad" doesn't do this weatherman justice. He is, without a doubt, the worst weatherman you've ever seen. He can't figure out the blue screen, he sounds like he's reading his pre-execution statement, and his off-camera glances clearly depict a man in torment. Since the theater of awkward silences and humiliating social scenes lines the video store shelves (The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, etc.), you had might as well head straight for the source to see the kinds of situations that producers and actors are mining for your viewing discomfort.