For 10 looooong years, we've been surveying horny Portlanders on the "way" they sex, the "why" they sex, the "how" they sex, and the "who" they sex. And every year, we're amazed at the abundance of shocking, honest, and sex-positive answers we receive. That's why this year, in celebration of our 10th anniversary of the Mercury sex survey, we're bringing back all our best questions (plus new ones as well!) to put together the most all-encompassing survey yet! IT'S LIKE CREATING THE PERFECT SEX ROBOT!!! (One with machine guns.)

So what are you waiting for? GO fill out this bad boy/dirty girl! And do it before Thursday, March 3, at 5 pm, because we need time to compile all your filthy answers for our annual "SEX SURVEY RESULTS!" issue hitting the streets on March 10! (Oh, and as always, your answers are completely anonymous, SO BE HONEST. And then go have sex with somebody.)

The Mercury's 2011 Sex Survey >>>