Edited by Sarah Mirk

Usually the Mercury's annual sex issue focuses on the sexiest people in Portland and our personal, extremely sexy-sexy histories. However, it has come to our attention that, unfortunately, sex can result in the creation of the least sexy things ever: BABIES. As certain segments of our society have taken it upon themselves to launch a war on birth control, we've decided to devote our entire 2012 Sex Issue to the glory of contraception. Seriously. Where would we be without it? Covered in filthy babies. Thanks, contraception!

The Future of Male Contraception

Children are Boner Murderers

I was a Child Anti-Abortion Protester

Comic: The War on Women

Throbbing Love Condom

100 Percent Complete Timeline of Birth Control

Portland's Favorite Condoms

Mountain Dewing It: Kids' Sex Myths These Days