It's that time of the year again! Can you guess? (If you did, you'd be one step ahead of my ex-wife, may she one day uncomfortably rot in hell!)

Give up? Okay, you unsophisticated rubes (or, dare I scornfully suggest: stamp collectors?), I'll tell you: Saturday is Troutdale's semi-annual meet-up of the Numismatic Enthusiasts and Appraisers of Troutdale Organization. That's NEATO for short.

I'm so excited. I'm going to bring one of the only coins Stacy (again, can I get some hellfire?) didn't manage to extract in last year's ungodly unjust divorce settlement. (Which you can still read all about in the archives, natch. Just come down to the Trout's home office and ask to see the card catalog.)

What coin is that? Dun-da-da-DA! Why it's a "Year 2000" Massachusetts State Quarter—except, in a tragic minting mistake, the Minuteman on the back is POINTING THE OTHER WAY. (Stacy used to call me a "minuteman," whatever that meant. I used to have the whole set until that trollop took them all away. But don't worry about old Mitch. I'm already rebuilding!)

What coins are you going to bring and show off? And remember: If any of you esteemed Lady Numismatists will be attending, I'll show you my rare zlotys if you promise to show me yours.

Keep jingling! —Mitch