There just isn't enough peyote, wooden coffins, or bullets on this earth to properly relate to the madness of grindhouse shoot-'em-up The Legend of God's Gun. This low-budget spaghetti western was created, and more importantly, scored, by Los Angeles' Spindrift—a band that thrives on the style and decadence of the wildest towns in the west.

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Set in the fictional—and bordering on farcical—dusty town of Playa Diablo, the very loose storyline of God's Gun follows a slew of heavily armed folks who shoot, screw, and shoot some more amid the desolate tumbleweeds and saloons. God's Gun basks in the premise of taking place in a setting with no morals and plenty of weaponry, and while it's far from a cinematic masterpiece, given its grindhouse tag, you should know not to expect The Magnificent Seven. Instead you have characters like a creepy preacher and a callous sheriff, plus some campy '70s-style filmmaking, and enough druggy moments to get a secondhand buzz from the comfort of your theater seat.

Director Mike Bruce and actor Kirpatrick Thomas in attendance at the 9:15 pm show on Friday, July 18.