Hallelujah, and whoop-dee-doo! The Mercury has a brand new sexified website, with all sorts of new toys for YOU to enjoy! Surf around and check out these great new features:

Comment on anything and everything! Not only can you write your own reviews of movies, clubs, events and restaurants, you can now comment on any story on the site. SO BE NICE. (Please?)

"Found It" is easier to search than ever! We really souped up our event search engine, so now you can browse for events and restaurants in any section of the city, and for whatever day you want! Compare it to other engines, and I think you'll agree it's the bomb-diggy-diggy.

Create your own profile! By creating a "MyMercuryFace" account, you can save your fave Mercury stories, your reviews and comments, AND GET THIS! You can even get email and text reminders for upcoming shows and events! (I needed this SO bad!) You can also save lists of your "MyMercuryFace" friends, your fave venues, and make custom lists. Check out my profile page for a good example of this stuff in action!

WANT TO CREATE YOUR PROFILE? Simply go to the top right hand corner, and tap "Create account." You'll see your blank page, then go to the top right again and tap "Edit Profile." You'll be able to post your picture, create your name, and submit your cell number so we can send you reminders!

NATURALLY, THIS SITE IS NOT THE FINISHED PRODUCT. We're still working hard on ironing out the bugs (and new ideas and functions are already in the planning stages). But we need your help to let us know what's not right! PLEASE OFFER YOUR SUGGESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. We'll try to respond to your suggestions as soon as possible!
As always, thanks for being a loyal Mercury reader, and let us know what you think!