1) You will need to sneak some beer and a bottle of whiskey into the theater. If an usher spots your drinks and takes umbrage, inform them that you are a personal friend of Paul Allen's.

2) During films you drink whiskey, during videos you drink beer. If the projectionist forgets to switch the audio over when changing between film and video, yell "Sound!" and drink both beer and whiskey.

3) If the image switches from color to black and white, yell "Brilliant!" If you forget to do this, drink.

4) If it switches from black and white to color, yell "Sellout!" If you forget to do this, drink.

5) If the film breaks, yell "Oscar!" and drink.

6) If the video projector displays its brand name--for instance, AIWA--yell "AIWAAAA!" in a WWII-movie Japanese accent, and drink.

7) If a poem is recited, drink once. If a poem is projected as text, drink twice. If a poem is simultaneously displayed and recited, go to the bathroom and throw up.

8) If you see someone you know on screen, yell their name. If someone else yells a name, and you don't know that person, drink beer. If you realize you do know that person, drink whiskey. If you realize you are that person, drink beer and whiskey, and hand your car keys to the person in the seat in front of you.

9) Drink when the credits thank the Northwest Film Center. When the credits thank Will Vinton Studios, eat raisins.