HOWDY, AMERICA. It sure is nice to see you. I s'pose you're wonderin' what this whole Bob Seger Issue is all about. Well, friends, we put this issue together special for ya because Mister Bob Seger writes songs that're like the green grass of the Dakota prairies. Like the sound of your mom ringing the dinner bell over smells of hot apple pie. Like drinking a cold beer on the back of an eagle that's soaring over rocky mountaintops. Bob writes songs that are America, and there ain't nothin' truer'n that.

I know you usually hear me talking about Ram trucks during those Sunday football games, while my friend Bob here likes to sing about Chevys. But I'll tell you one thing: It makes no darned difference what brand of American Tough pays our bills. We're all under the same flag here, on the same silver ribbon of highway, under the same burly whiskers of the same god. Bob once sang, "Like a rock/standin' arrow straight/Like a rock/chargin' from the gate/Like a rock/carryin' the weight/Like a rock." Amen to that, brother. Let's give him—and America—the salute they deserve.


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