Tenacious D Fighting Satan. With chain mail codpieces.

You can figure out who people are based on what music they like: If I say, "Oh, he likes AC/DC," you'd know exactly the type of dude I was talking about. Same deal with Garth Brooks, "Weird Al" Yankovic, They Might Be Giants, and Barry Manilow.

And just like no one's going to argue with me if I posit "Only douchebags like Insane Clown Posse," it's also totally legit to say that by this point, we all know exactly the type of dude who loves Tenacious D, the mock-rock duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass. I'm one of them, for better or worse, and so was each drunk/high/dumb 14-year-old that I watched Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny with, and of course they loved it, and I loved it too.

Sick of having his lame dad (Meat Loaf) talk shit about rock 'n' roll, a young JB pays rapt attention when his talking Ronnie James Dio poster encourages him to run away and be a rocker. Years later, the guitar-totin' JB (Black) ends up in Venice Beach, where he meets KG (Gass); soon, the questionably talented duo is terrorizing open mic nights. Then there's some stuff about a mystical guitar pick forged from the tooth of Satan (played, weirdly, by Dave Grohl) a shroom-induced adventure with Sasquatch (played, weirdly, by John C. Reilly), plus weed jokes, fart jokes, shit jokes, sex jokes, dumb jokes, fat jokes, Tim Robbins acting all creepy, and a really weird tribute to A Clockwork Orange.

Yeah, it's all retarded, and yeah, it's all pretty great. Or at least it is if you like the D—if you don't dig their goofy schtick, then Pick of Destiny will likely annoy you more than Black annoyed most people in King Kong. But for those of us who like the D? We know who we are. Light up a J and rock your socks off, brother.