I just got the press release for this one about five seconds ago and I wanted to make damn sure it got in the paper: Jana Hunter. December 4 at Someday Lounge, down on 125 NW 5th. If you haven't heard Jana's music yet, go look her up at myspace.com/janahunter or do a search on portlandmercury.com and see all the loving things we've written about her in the past. Jana's music is truly original and goes far beyond any genre tags she's been pinned with in the past (psyche folk, slow-core, bedroom pop, experimental country, etc.). If you missed Jana's last show (at Holocene a few months back) consider this your penance: Invite at least 10 people to this show, make sure everyone orders a ton of drinks, and then tell 10 more people about it the next morning. Think of it as a chain letter geared toward giving this great artist her just dues. Autopilot and emBROWLOWe open.

Local solo artist Ethan Rose plays PRA's Portland Lounge series on Sunday with White Rainbow and Ilyas Ahmed. The show (which includes an interview portion) will be taped, broadcast on PRA, then podcast on praradio.com for posterity. Says Ethan, he's working on a new album and has just finished "this recording of a massive automated church bell at Stanford," which he plans to work into a song as soon as possible. Ethan's band Small Sails recently came home from tour, where they played with the great Deerhoof and did a series of shows at college movie theaters.

Big congratulations go to Corbin Supak and Jennifer Saez of the Vulturines, whose daughter, Ruby, was born Sunday, November 12. The Vulturines call the Greydawn label home, and it looks like Greydawn's sister label, Greyday, is expecting a birth as well. Come March of next year, Greyday will be delivering a brand-new Minmae record to the world, along with its runty little brother, a digital only EP. Stay tuned for baby shower news.

Finally, there are some amazing shows coming up in the next few weeks. We've got Weird Weeds at Holocene on December 2. There's Plants at Acme on December 8. Akron/Family are bringing their fun train to Holocene on December 16. And so many more. Consider going to a ton of great shows in December your Christmas present to yourself.

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