LIKE ANY self-respecting citizen of a city steeped in culinary superiority, you already have the basics: Vatican olive oil, fair-trade butcher's string, and salt harvested from the shells of loggerhead sea turtles. So why let the quality of your kitchen be brought down by an offensively ho-hum baking soda? Especially while there are so many exciting new iterations in the marketplace.

Here's a guide to 19 of our favorites from what's being called a small-batch baking soda renaissance. Most can be found at the Papeete Farmers' Market in Bora Bora, or online at (a $500 fee gets you an unlimited membership password usable for one year).

1. Thai Refrigerator Jewel: A breakthrough blend with notes of espresso and elephant dung, this jewel-embellished accessory also features gold leafing to banish the smell of rotting lettuce and poverty from your food storage and your mind.

2. One Percent: A new arrival from the folks behind the Singaporean black diamond trade. For an unexpected twist, try a sprinkle to finish a single-malt Scotch cocktail—we're serious, it's that good!

3. Frank's Taj Mahal: Try this Indian-inspired take as a spicy complement to your next cheese plate, or use it to perk up any old lobster, Kobe steak, or swiftlet nest. The Frank Gehry-designed packaging makes it worthy of countertop storage, too.

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