[EDITOR'S NOTE: The following review was written by Film Editor Erik Henriksen's college roommate, "Stoner Guitarist Extraordinaire" Seth. We apologize.]

This is something that confuses people, so I'm not gonna get too scientifical, but I will say this: rock 'n' roll, man. It's not just about the music. This is where a lot of people get confused, like my bud Ronnie, so I'll tell you what I told Ronnie. I sat him down in the beanbag and flipped on the lava lamp and then Ronnie was all, "Eff's going on, bro? You gonna try and make out with me or somethin'?" and I was like "NO!" and then Ronnie started to get up, but I was all, "Dude. Remember when you walked in on me doing air guitar to 'More Than a Feeling' and you were all 'Boston? Air guitar? Not cool, man. Double not cool.' Well... shut up. 'Cause it was cool. Dude, stop squirming. Just hold still."

Ronnie looked at me like I was stoned but I mostly wasn't, so I was all, "It's like this documen... docufent... documentar... this movie, Air Guitar Nation. It's about these dudes who air guitar. Professionally. There's some big contest in like Finland or Switzerland or somewhere, 'cause foreign dudes take air guitar super serious. And so there are these two dudes, C-Diddy and Bjorn Turoque. And C-Diddy's all, 'I'm the master of air guitar! Watch me pretend to shred!' But Bjorn Turoque's all like, 'No, I'm the master! Watch ME!' But like James Bond says in Highlander, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! And so they compete in front of thousands of Findlandese! And you think it's gonna be lame but it's not. 'Cause even though these douchebags are saying weak stuff like, 'Peace was always the motivation behind air guitar,' it doesn't matter, because they believe it, man, they feel it, the ROCK, just like I feel that Boston song, all right? In conclusion, Boston's sweet." Then me and Ronnie watched Highlander 2, which isn't as sweet as Highlander 1, but is still pretty all right.