THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 8:00 FOX THE O.C. The gang attends the SnO.C. Winter Ball--where if somebody doesn't get a sock in the jaw, I'll eat my Santa hat!

9:00 ABC LIFE AS WE KNOW IT As expected, hotsie-totsie teacher Ms. Young tries to lure jailbait Ben back in the sack!

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10 8:00 WB HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS The mean ol' Grinch tries to ruin Christmas but is beaten to death by a gang of Whoville citizens with shovels.

9:30 FOX FAMILY GUY It's the missing, unaired Family Guy episode wherein Peter tries to convert his son to Judaism.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 8:00 FOX COPS It's a very special episode entitled "Ho! Ho! Ho!" where the cops spend X-mas rounding up "ho, ho, hos."

8:00 CBS ROBBIE THE REINDEER Ben Stiller and more provide the voices for this cartoon about a reindeer who tries to horn in on Rudolph's action.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12 8:00 CBS SURVIVOR: VANUATU It's the final episode, where the winner gets a million bucks and the loser gets tossed in a volcano.

8:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Michael is afraid George Sr. (who's hiding in the attic) will see Lucille and Oscar getting it on.

MONDAY, DECEMBER 13 7:30 COM THE HEBREW HAMMER--Movie (2003) A Jewish Shaft uses his fists to stop Santa's evil son from ruining Hanukkah.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 14 9:00 UPN VERONICA MARS Veronica is hot on the trail of a money grubbing dickhead who's stealing her pal's poker winnings.

9:00 SPIKE VIDEO GAME AWARDS Calling all geeks! Snoop Dogg hosts this ceremony honoring the very best in electronic gaming.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15 8:00 ABC LOST For those who missed the opening episodes of this awesome show, here's a repeat of the pilot. 10:00



A hilarious and exciting new reality show where wanna-be fashion designers compete to be king of couture!