If there's one element of our children's education that we cannot afford to overlook, it's making sure they watch Back to the Future. If Timecrimes is any indication, there are still people who have not seen Robert Zemeckis' Oscar-winning powerhouse of a film, in which Michael J. Fox uses a flux capacitor and a Huey Lewis song to travel back to the '50s and play an awesome guitar solo. But Back to the Future has powerful lessons to teach us about time travel: Chiefly, DON'T FUCK EVERYTHING UP.

Héctor (Karra Elejalde), the lead character in the Spanish thriller Timecrimes, has clearly never seen Back to the Future, or The Terminator, or even Timecop: The moron simply doesn't understand that when you go into the past, whatever you do is gonna affect the future. So when Héctor stumbles into a mysterious facility, and shortly thereafter finds himself an hour and a half in his past, the dumbass immediately starts messing everything up—at which point our fumbling antihero has to start taking increasingly drastic and brutal action to correct things.

With a tone somewhere between TV's Lost and 2004's smart indie sci-fi flick Primer, Timecrimes isn't nearly as original or gripping as it thinks it is—and with each supposedly surprising plot twist, writer/director Nacho Vigalondo acts like the audience is supposed to be shocked by lame genre gimmicks. It's tiresome. So, once again: Everyone should see Back to the Future. Or, at the very least, we should start hiring some timecops.