YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED Even in a staged photo op, he can't keep the ball on the fairway.

THE FACT that Donald Trump comes off as a dick in You've Been Trumped will be a surprise to no one. An earnest, overlong documentary about the dick's decision to build a billion-dollar complex in rural Scotland (one with two golf courses, a 450-occupancy hotel, luxury homes, and timeshares), You've Been Trumped finds director Anthony Baxter using film as a weapon to go after Trump with all the gusto he can manage. Which is a lot. And Trump deserves just about all of it. Running roughshod over environmental concerns and the pleas of those who live on and near the land he wants, Trump embodies the cliché of the arrogant, stupid American—happy to fuck over those less wealthy, and even happier to gloat about doing so.

And fuck them over he does. Baxter exhaustively catalogs each of Trump's legally questionable, morally despicable incursions, gleefully keeping his cameras rolling as the sanctimonious Trump dodges questions and calls the locals' homes "disgusting" and "slums." Baxter's even arrested at one point—by cops who may or may not have been bought off—and while he relishes coating his film in sappy music and melodramatic sound effects, You've Been Trumped is at its most effective when the charming, blue-collar Scots who're being shoved aside simply tell their stories. Local Michael Forbes gets his water supply cut off and his property trespassed upon; one of his neighbors uses a camera Baxter gives her to document Trump's degradation of the land, and is blown off by Trump and local law authorities as a troublemaker. "I'm not a demonstrator," she says. "I live here."

Whether or not that matters is up for debate: In the time since You've Been Trumped was made, Trump has opened one of his planned courses, but is holding off on building the rest while he butts heads with the Scottish government over their plans to build a nearby wind farm. Trump doesn't want the turbines to ruin his view.