Elizabeth Leach is doing her part to keep things, well, Fresh this spring with a big show of young artists. She's mixing proven commodities like Sean Healy, Melody Owen, and Kristan Kennedy with new-to-Leach locals Chandra Bocci and Daniel Peterson and out-of-towners like Brad Tucker and Elise Engler. Elizabeth Leach Gallery, 417 NW 9th Ave., 224-0521, through May 27

Jim Drain Lecture
PSU's Monday night lectures crank back up with alt-knitting guru Jim Drain. Drain was part of the legendary Rhode Island Forth Thunder scene, and was the key player in the psyche-art collective Forcefield, which made a huge splash at the 2004 Whitney Biennial. Fifth Avenue Cinema, Room 92, 510 SW Hall, Mon, 7 pm, free

Richard Ross
I know I throw conniptions in this space about photographers of anonymous, unpopulated rooms. That's because 99% of them are more boring than a baby on Tylenol PM. Richard Ross' series, Waiting For the End of the World, is a different story, though. Ross has traveled the world over, photographing bomb- and fallout-shelters, from Mom and Pop basements in Texas to entirely livable underground Chinese cities, complete with barbershops and shrines. Blue Sky Photography Gallery, 1231 NW Hoyt, 225-0210, through April

Sean Croghan
Man about town Croghan unveils his new paintings of tattoo ideas, such as the classic anchor design, posing the eternal question, "What's the use?" Valentine's, 232 SW Ankeny, 248-1600, through April