Artwork by James Mitchell

SUN'S OUT! That distantly familiar glowing orb in the sky is the world's way of telling you to get off your ass, and this here newspaper is the perfect jumping-off point. Our Extreme! Action! Summer! Guide! is wall-to-wall with hot fun in the sun, from expert guidance on nearby scenic hikes and swimming spots to warm-weather leisures like kayaking, horseback riding, and even sandboarding (it's a thing!).

Whether your idea of fun is identifying birds in the wild, foraging for medicinal herbs, pulling your own dinner out of the Pacific Ocean, or making babies cry with the ripping engine of an ATV, we've got all your action covered... to the EXTREME! Because as we all know, Portland summers are perfect but fleeting, and you gotta grab 'em by the short 'n' curlies while you can.

Are you ready, then? ACTION!

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