* Portland's Gay Pride Festival kicks off at 1pm on Saturday at Waterfront Park just south of the Burnside Bridge. There are two stages featuring music and speechifying, plus booths overrun with every rainbow-colored product imaginable (even corndogs!).

* Dyke March 2000 begins at 7pm on Saturday, at the North Park Blocks and ending at Waterfront Park.

* The Gay Pride Parade begins at 12:30 pm on Sunday, at NW Davis and eighth, marching west on Burnside, east on Stark, south on tenth, east on Taylor and north on Broadway back to Davis. Come and cheer for your favorite Gay!


12:45 pm-Official Opening Ceremonies. Pride NW Chair Carmella Ettinger welcomes gays to Portland, and introduces the day's MC Deborah Samuels (Portland Bisexual Women) and Brian Giesler. Also, meet Mr. and Miss Gay Pride 2000.

1:00-Sweet Thunder Jazz Trio

2:00-George Eighmey and Mayor Vera Katz introduces the "Compassion in Dying" program. Whoopee!

2:30-BlackOut Leather Productions

2:40-Bi Voices

3:00-Mambo Queens

4:00-Lori Buckwalter

* 4:10-Lavendar Country Band

4:35-One with Heart Thai Martial Arts Institute

* 5:00-Gay Punk Music (!) from Stink and Linger

6:00-Pride Production with Pride MCs Princess Krystal Lynn and Mr. Gay Oregon, Pookie J. Bush

6:20-Gender Machine Works

6:30-Square Dancin' by the Rosetown Ramblers

6:40-Human Rights Campaign

6:45-Lesbian Community Project with

Amazon Knightly

6:50-Sexual Minorities Project with Llyn Zepher

* 6:55-Meet Mr. and Miss Gay Latina!

7:00-Meet the Sweethearts of Portland: Mr. Sweetheart XII, Kenny Rockafeller, and Miss Sweetheart XII Tasha Campbell Star

7:10-ASAP Treatment

7:15-Our House Executive Director, Nancy Sellers

7:20-Michael w/ Gottee

7:30-GLBT Youth Production, Rosebud 24 Abby and Thorn 24 Michael

7:40-Pagan A. Thomsen, Deaf Comedian

* 8:00-Hip Hop Artist Magdahlen Hsu-Li

* 9:00-GLBT Dance Party, featuring DJ Jocelyn of the

Edge, DJ Alex of Boxxes, DJ Frankie of CC Slaughters, DJ Harold of the Brigg, and DJ Romeo

of the Playhers Club.


12:50 pm-Meet your MCs, Gary Talbot from Boston Pride, and Marshall Gore of Portland Bisexual Alliance

1:00-Cascade AIDS Project Support Groups: Presentations, Discussions and Outreach

2:00-Gay and Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest

2:30-GLBT Youth Programs: Outside In, Rainbow, Roots and Branches, SMYRC, Queer Youth Network

3:30-Diane Cohen Presentation of NW GLBT Writers

5:00-Singing and Comedy with Gary Talbot

5:45-Sister Spirit

5:50-Filisa Vistima Foundation: Margaret O'Hartigan

6:00-Meet Rose Emperor X, Gary Benoit

6:15-Brother to Brother

6:25-Angel and Kid Sparkle Production

* 6:30-SMYRC

* 6:35-Cocksure

6:45-Bolivia Carmichael's and Co.:

Friday Night Inferno/Embers Nightclub

6:50-Asian Pacific Islanders Lesbian

and Gay Group

7:00-Oregon Bears

7:05-The Embers Nightclub: Patti O'Dora & Co.

7:15-Gentle Giants of Oregon

7:30-Joyful Sounds

* 8:00-Irene Sauterburg, Disco Diva

9:00-Closing Remarks


9:00 am-Sister Spirit

10:00-Ecumenical Services:

Interfaith Spiritual Center

11:00-Joyful Sounds Gospel Group

* Noon-Gay Pride Parade 2000 and Live DJ Mix

2:00-Opening Production by Matt Beasley

2:15-Pride NW Chair Jes Nelson Introduces Pride 2000 MC's, The Beat's Gina, Cort and Rebecca

2:20-Proclamations of the Mayor Vera Katz and Governor John Kitzhaber

2:25-Keynote Speaker: Sylvia Zingenser

2:55-Portland Lesbian Choir

* 3:10-Darcelle XV and Co.

* 3:15-West Hollywood Cheerleaders

3:25-Senator Kate Brown

3:35-Spirit of Pride Awards, and

Father's Day Award

3:50-The Imperial Sovereign Rose Court

3:55-New York Comedian Michele Balan

4:15-Pride MC Tamara Swan

5:00-Love Makes a Family

5:05-Portland Bisexual Alliance

5:10-Radical Women and Freedom Socialist party

* 5:15-Sons of Padisha/Daughters of

Ghawezee Belly Dance Troupe

5:30-Closing Remarks


Noon-DJ Rod of Corvallis

2:00-Pride Opening Production by

The Edge Nightclub

2:15-Meet the MC for Pride 2000:

Rose Empress 36 Maria

2:25-Darlene Hooley and David Wu

2:35-Olde World Puppet Theater presents

"The Dragon, the Prince, and the Key"

3:05-Lesbian Community Project with

Amazon Knightly

3:10-Cascade AIDS Project Director,

Thomas Brunner

3:15-Skit from Love Makes a Family

3:30-Basic Rights Oregon Director, Jaime Balboa

3:35-FUN (For Us Northwest)

4:00-Jack, KBOO's Dyke Behind the Mike

4:00-Portland Leather Alliance with Michael Marks

4:05-Oregon Council for Hispanic Advancement with Jaime Rodriguez

4:10-Rodriguez and Names Project Production

4:20-Northwest Gender Alliance with Ronnie Lang

4:25-Adventure Group

* 4:30-One with Heart Martial Arts Institute

4:40-Queers & Allies, Portland State University


4:50-Art for Action with Jeanie LaFrance

5:00-Portland Metro Prime Timers

5:10-Closing Remarks

* Means it's recommended!