Let's be honest, gays... we don't really like museums, fondue restaurants, or daiquiris on the beach. All we genuinely care about is popularity. When we travel, we prefer to bask in the approval of breeders who not only condone our unsightly proclivities, but would also elect us as their top city official (or Homecoming Queen). The following oft-overlooked honeymoon destinations all proffer an LGBT mayor. So, this year, go where you really want to celebrate your unholy union—among "friends."

Lexington, Kentucky—The hometown of yours truly, Lexington boasts—in addition to gay Mayor Jim Gray (elected 2010)—a lesbian bar, a leather bar, a snooty hipster lounge, and a drag ballroom. It's also within spitting distance of Appalachia, where they'll fuck anything!

Casper, Wyoming—Electing Wyoming's first openly gay mayor (Guy Padgett, 2005), Casper put itself on the Gay Wyoming tourist map, which is centered around Brokeback Mountain locales like Riverton and the Big Horn Mountains (though the movie itself was filmed in Alberta). Nonetheless, there's nothing gayer than cowboys.

Providence, Rhode Island—Congressman David Cicilline is the former mayor of Providence, Rhode Island. Home to a relatively sizeable bear community, Providence is so adorable you just want to hibernate all winter in its dewclaw. Also of note: Nibbles Woodaway, the world's largest fiberglass termite (4,000 pounds) lives south of town, visible from the freeway.

Stoke-on-Trent, UK—Although the chance to rollerblade past the boyhood home of Brit pop star Robbie Williams is reason enough to visit, the Stoke has four gay bars and is home to Wedgewood pottery. Stoke-on-Trent is also notable for electing two gay mayors in a row! Get your glaze on, girl!

Carterton, New Zealand—For you intrepid travelers, Carterton is the jewel atop the queer-tourism crown. In 1999, denizens elected their first openly transsexual mayor, Georgina Beyer. The Daffodil Capital of New Zealand, Carterton has its own Stonehenge.

And, of course, there's always the home turf of the gayest of all gay mayors—Portland, Oregon. How about a staycation?