This concert documentary, featuring footage from 1974, is a celebration of all that makes America great. Sure, there aren't any fireworks, but there's a shit-ton of drinking, lots of facial hair, and plenty of topless women. I think there may have been some music, too: Willie runs the show, but there are appearances by a subdued Waylon Jennings, a velveteen-clad Doug Kershaw, and a bunch of other outlaw country singers who never made it out of the '70s. Long hair, cowboy hats, and handles of whiskey are the order of the day. If the musical performances are never wonderful—everyone's too sloppy to actually be good—the spectacle is uproarious.

Music aside, the film contains a great comedic performance by Leon Russell. The long-haired pianist seems to be onstage for almost the entire concert, although he rarely plays a note. Instead, he drinks Lone Star beer, pulls the cowboy hats off other musicians, drinks more Lone Star, sways precariously back and forth, unbuttons his shirt, drinks more Lone Star, and develops a seriously drunken case of crazy eyes. Meanwhile, Willie coolly holds court, looking handsome—this was before the braids, people—and dignified, as amused by the party as we are.