Illustration by Kalah Allen

Pets are just that: pets. You didn't pop them out of your reproductive system, so there is no government entity to help you when you have to care for their basic needs! This care requires money to pay for their food, toys, shelter, and, yes, vet care. So when you call a local vet, for example the one I work for, and are astounded that it costs money to vaccinate/spay them, extract the sock that your dog swallowed, or that we will not fix your $600 Chihuahua's leg for free because you are broke (even though you can pay for cigarettes and the booze you smell of)—well how the hell did you pay for the Chihuahua in the first place? Oh yes, you thought that poor shivering dog would be your money bags, so you didn't spay her, and now she is pregnant by a yellow Lab from your neighborhood and needs an emergency C-section at a cost of $1,000 plus, but you are horrified that we would suggest euthanasia to prevent her from dying a horrible death with the babies stuck inside her. You march out the door sure you will find someone to help pay for your responsibility. I am sorry, pets are not a right they are a responsibility, so think a little more carefully before you get one.-Anonymous