Photo by Kelly O

FOR YEARS, it was practically impossible to re-watch your favorite mini-dirty movies from past HUMP! festivals—until now! After replacing our destroyed copies with ones generously supplied by former HUMP! filmmakers, founder Dan Savage has curated an evening of his personal favorite HUMP! flicks (created by happy, horny sex-positive people from all over the Northwest)... and they're all hilarious, fun, and most importantly, SEXY.

If you've never seen HUMP!, the "Best of HUMP!" tour is the perfect entry point for our annual fall festival, and a great inspiration for the dirty movie you've been planning! Conversely, if you're already a HUMP! fan, we can almost guarantee you haven't seen all the films in the "Best of HUMP!" But... let's find out, with this preview of all the films in this year's "Best of HUMP!" tour!

Lauren Likes Candy: For featuring "hardcore" sex, Lauren is a delightfully romantic romp. Two women spend a tender evening together, which takes a surprisingly sensual turn. You'll never look at a chain-link fence the same way again!

D4U: Cute animated animals get some serious boners.

D&D Orgy: "Roll for experience" as this dungeon master's fantasy game gets extremely real.

Go Ahead, Pee!: Don't you hate it when you're jumping on your trampoline in your unitard, and you really have urinate? Us, too!

Hot 'n' Saucy Pizza Boy: A crusty cliché premise—Gasp! A hot pizza delivery boy!—delivers some surprisingly hot gay sex.

Ouroboros: Hot, heady gay sex... without any pesky dialogue!

Krutch: Proving to the world that people with disabilities have genitalia that work just fine, thankyouverymuch.

Magic Love: A straight stop-motion couple engages in adorable sex around their house.

Pie Sluts: In the world of fetishes-we-don't-understand-but-are-entertaining-to-watch, getting a pie in the face is right at the top.

Rumpy Pumpy: An animated, sexy spoof with funny, floppy dicks.

The Beat: A man, a plan, a butt plug.

Edged: A hot college boy finds that getting to an empty warehouse is the easy part—it's getting back out that may be difficult. A journey of self-discovery that goes in unexpected directions.

Music for 2 Humans: Aw... this couple reminds us that sometimes sex is just nice and special and doesn't involve any knives or fire!

Go Fuck Yourself: One man time travels to save the world and fuck himself. Then things get complicated.

Tuff Titties: Looking for a tune-up? This sweaty mechanic has plenty of grease to get your engine running.

E.T. 2: Dark Territory: E.T. returns—but now he wants to be MORE than Elliott's "best friend!" (Wink!)

Mythical Proportions: This hilarious mockumentary details the taboo love of humans and centaurs, as enacted by butt-ugly puppets.

The Perfect Stranger: It's about goddamn time HUMP! had some normal, sexy straight sex.

The Legend of Gabe Harding: A documentary about a renowned fluffer on a gay porn set!

Fun with Fire: Starring flash paper placed in close proximity to a human clit!

Trust us... the HUMP! tour is a bona fide sexy BLAST—and it's this weekend only! SO DON'T MISS IT!