Thanks for helping keep one of my favorite phrases, "dropped the dime," alive, Dirk.
More like Bob Ball is the guy that Sam Adams absolutely smeared when he broke the Breedlove story and was considering running against him for Mayor. To quote Adams:

"If this had come from the right wing—and it probably will now—that would have been one thing. But to come from another gay man is something more hurtful. It plays into the worst deep-seated fears society has about gay men: You can't trust them with your young."

This from a hilariously self-righteous Mercury article from 2007 that made Ball the villain and Adams a poor victim.…

Bob Ball deserves better than a glib "the guy who dropped the dime on former Mayor Sam Adams' liaison with Beau Breedlove."

For all we know, he could have become Mayor had Adams not lied through the skin of his teeth with puffed-up faux outrage.
Damn right S & W !!
One thing is for sure, the local unions sure like this antiquated form of commision government, as they only have to swing 3 of 5 votes to get their way.
Don't forget that Mercury reporter Amy Ruiz was involved in the Adams cover up, didn't come to Ball's defense when the story, then took a job in the Adams administration.

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