This is about freedom of choice for restaurant owners. If an owner wants to market to dog owners and you don't want to be around dogs then vote with your feet. If enough people stop going to these restaurants they will change their policies quickly. As for me I take my Aussie to restaurants here all the time and he is always warmly welcomed.
California sounds like a cool place to live.

It should be noted that about a zillion restaurants in California already do not freak out when you sit outside and have your dog at your feet. Some go further than that: Park Bench Cafe in Huntington Beach has dog food on the menu (
Outdoor sections. Just like all over Portland. Not very newsy news.
I've been known to sniff an asshole and bark when a fellow human I don't recognize arrives at my local bar, would you call me intense?
I'd like to hear from the Irish Setter on this issue

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