On a recent drive through my neighborhood, I came across this lil' storefront at 72nd and Woodstock:


My first thought: "Now that's vague. Who? Whose bakery is this?"
Followed by: "Oh, I get it. It's His. It's the Lord's bakery."

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With visions of cross-shaped cookies dancing through my head, I headed in, only to be greeted by the sweetest shop keeper this side of cash registers everywhere.

Sadly though, the cookies, muffins, bread loaves and wedding cakes on display were all uniformly shaped. And while there are a few Jesus portraits scattered throughout, the place wasn't as packed with religious icons as I thought it would be, given the name. The shopkeeper told me the store had been there 17 years now, and customers really liked that their goods are preservative-free and made with real butter.

I ordered a cookie called "the Ranger" (delicious), said my thanks and goodbyes and was told "bless you" by the sweet shopkeeper as I left.

And while I'm not one for religion, I could definitely see myself going back and trying out a loaf of His bread.