The most glaring red flag about this advertisement is that Scientology organization is saying it has combined Religion & Science. What an insult to science! Why? Because this is a group that spends millions of dollars harassing, slandering defaming and stalking people who leave the group and happen to disagree with their tactics. Look up the court cases in the news. It's cause for concern to any American citizen.

Hello? They claim to use Science? No scientist is going to stalk and ruin the life of someone who believes in something else? I don't think so. Only cults do that.

Look up "Scientology Fair Game". Then think about how that jives with science, or any rational objective fair thought. Then look up "Placido Domingo Jr + Scientology." A real doozy is "Tom Cruise and Paulette Cooper".

Their actions are screaming way louder than their glossy creepy adverts!

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