Sarah Rice / Getty Images

PDX Resistance has announced there will be a rally/protest today (Fri Oct 5) at 5:30 pm in Terry Schrunk Plaza (364 SW Madison) they're calling "Believe Women. Believe Survivors. Stop Kavanaugh," in which the microphone will be reserved exclusively for women (and those who identify as such).

From their Facebook announcement:

To be clear, the mic is for femmes, womxn, non-binary persons and non-men to speak. We plan to have an open mic period and we are specifically demanding that cis men take a step back and that cis white men do not attempt to speak. This is not your time. We invite you to stand in solidarity and listen. Really listen.

We acknowledge that there are victims of sexual assault that do not identify as femmes, womxn, non-binary persons and non-men but this event is to address the violence that is perpetrated by mostly men given what is currently happening in our country. Sexual assault happens to people from all walks of life but disproportionately impacts the groups upon which this event centers.

Resisting dominant culture and its pervasive acceptance of sexual assault, harassment, shame, and uncertainty that is forced on women every day is the most important thing we can be fighting against. The misogyny, privilege, and entitlement on display in last week’s hearings made it clear how far we still need to go as a nation.

Come together this Friday to respect, believe, grow, and heal. Speakers will share what they took from the last few weeks, their ideas for change, and what we can do as a community to resist and revolutionize our cultural norms. Following the initial speakers we will open the mic to community members. Toxic behaviors harm everyone in our society.

There are sure to be other protests this weekend, Kavanaugh-related and otherwise, such as a planned protest march tomorrow (Sat Oct 5, 2 pm, SW 3rd & Washington) in support of the family of Patrick Kimmons, the man fatally shot by Portland Police last Sunday. Stay tuned for more protest information, and as always, check the Mercury's Things to Do—Activism calendar for positive ways to get involved in your community.