Savage Love Apr 23, 2009 at 4:00 am



These letters sucked hard. Dan have an intern screening this shit?
Dear 3.SrlZgXIn... the letters (and responses) were great. We're thinking you'd probably be happier with a bottle of hand lotion and this month's Hustler.
Checked out the Stranger comments for this article and a good portion tend to agree with me there.

Thanks for the tip. I found that switching to my left hand and continuing to use spit provides the best pleasure.
Hey Blondie - normally Savage Love does have better letters. They're usually longer, more nuanced, and deal with a fuzzy area of sexual ethics. Dan's responses are usually more involved and informative as a result.
Do you even read this column, or do you just troll comments sections insisting that anyone who criticizes at all would rather be jacking off to hustler? Do you say that by default because this column is about sex? What a ridiculously out of left field thing to say.
So this batch of letters and responses weren't the greatest, but I think Hey Blondie makes a good point about 3.SrlZqXln.... He is clearly a fucking douche bag who, for some reason, feels the need to continuously post negative comments for Savage Love. He is close-minded and his long, nonsensical username is sheer evidence that he is fucking annoying in general. He needs to get a life and stop bitching already...if he doesn't like what Dan has to say, he ought to stop reading the column. Or, in the alternative, keep his thoughts to himself because nobody really cares what he thinks. We would all be better off if he stops reading or at least stops commenting and starts jerking off more...he'll need the practice anyhow because it is highly doubtful that he can sustain any relationships for very long - why would anyone tolerate being around this annoying prick? If they are dating the guy, it is high time to DTMFA!!!!

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