Savage Love Jul 2, 2009 at 4:00 am

Three's Company


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Another option for NSA's BF would be to invest in some BSDM education via a dominatrix or something. Having the girls EX 'toss her around' my be too traumatic for the poor kid.
I guess I question Savage's praise of "Needs Some Abuse" logic where she feels that recommending a 3-way with a former fling is justified simply because the current beau is too GGG.

Sounds like she is using her masochistic desires as an excuse to run with an old flame.

Sounds like a cunt, actually. Either dump the new flame cause he dulls her, or retrain him, but 3 months to bring him around to an EX is just asking for angst. I guess we never know what way Savage's advice will roll. I could easily see him chastising her...
If it's a carefully negotiated scene and gives the GGG fella a chance to see exactly how much his GF can handle, it's a great idea! I think "?pgM" is reading his own baggage into NSA's question.

I hope to do something similar with my sweet, GGG GF eventually (she's working on her insecurities) so she can see how much I love being dominated (including pain) in scene. Out-of-scene, I'm likely to tell someone who's being dominating to go F*** themselves. I can understand why she's a bit reluctant to play the Bitch Goddess, especially since she's not into pain at all.

Good answer, Dan!
Yeah It's all too often that I start a committed relationship and bring the ladies to meet with Ron Jeremy and the crew. This apparent baggage haunts me day-to-day, and my outlet is Savage "Love." It takes a Thistle to bring this to the limelight with his own example of relationship theatrical bliss to set me on the path to Knowing The Path.

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