Savage Love Jan 21, 2010 at 4:00 am

Sexual Appetite


"We've talked about it, and he says he has no idea why he does it and that it doesn't mean anything, but it still hurts me so much when it happens. Is it possible that it really means nothing?"

The voice of experience says that it means he smokes a lot of marijuana.
There's a simple fix for the name switching. Your boyfriend shouldn't use your name, but come up with a pet name... "I love you baby", works fine. No mistakes and you can stop worrying and focus on the good parts of the relationship. Unless you've already ruined it because of your lack of trust with him now!
My brother mixes up my name with his girlfriends all the time. I'd say you have nothing to worry about; you are both women that he cares about but has very different relationships with. And yes, my brother smokes a lot of pot... it could be a contributing factor. Let it go and good luck.
When my sister started accidentally calling her husband my name, it didn't mean that she had romantic feelings for me; it meant that she had fraternal feelings for him. They eventually separated.

Just sayin'.
To the woman whose BF calls her by his female friend's name: One of the most common signs of being in love with someone is having "mentionitis" - ie: you keep bringing up their name, involuntarily, because you're thinking about them CONSTANTLY. It's a classic symptom of infatuation. If my fiance started called me by someone else's name, I would be seriously concerned. If it happened more than a couple times, we would be having a serious conversation about this other person. If it ever happens during sex, I would say that's the end of the relationship.

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