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High Times


I think Dan was a little harsh on Dr Jackel and Mr High. Its true that no one has the right to be a dick just because you ran out of weed. But the fact that he is genuinely affectionate and good to her when he has his medicine points to a chemical imbalance. Of course he's bipolar but if he was medicating with pharmaceuticals no one here would bat an eye. There's plenty of assholes out there who are still assholes when they're high. She could dump him and never find a guy who is as sweet and attentive as he is when he has his weed. Of course she should not be responsibile for providing his medicine or live under a gun in fear of him running out.
Dr Jackel and Mr High! That is great! Thanks for making my day.
If it takes you more than half an hour to reach orgasm i would say the problem lies with you, not your wife.
The weed dude is an addict. Of course, the editor of High Times isn't going to opine that. Sure, probably self medicating for some reason, but it's never as simple as just being an asshole. It's no different that being a nicotine addict and not having the nicotine. Addict. Withdrawal.
Hey Jennifer! He didn't say he couldn't reach orgasm within half an hour. He said she quit sex within half an hour regardless of whether either of them reached climax. Very different don't you think? People can get off in 5 minutes or five hours. Truly this is a case of mis-matched chemistry. Try to read/comprehend the actual content next time and not prematurely "ejaculate" your obvious hatred for men. Some of us are actually trying to please you.
Aurelius...I believe it was you, not Jennifer, who misread the poor non orgasmic gentlemans letter.
And, for what it's worth, I am neither a man hater nor a sexual pleasure avoidant, nor repressed- I LOVE men, and sex, and especially men who love sex and love to provide pleasure. Thank god I finally found one.
I'm open to that. But you didn't say what you thought I misread. The IA never said he was non orgasmic. He said his wife doesn't enjoy sex with him. Its a classic case of mismatched libidos as I said. And Im not say you or Jennifer should be labeled a man hater. I do think her comment was sexually biased since he was humbly asking for help and never blamed his wife for the problems.

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