Savage Love Nov 11, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Broadway, Babies


Consider talcum powder to provide some slide.
I agree that STATUS was not being vengeful but was stuck in a serious quandry about wanting honest therapy and not wanting to jail her husband. All for the benefit of the children. And as far as full disclosure before exposure, thats just how grown ups talk. Every one has a right to know their risks before they take a dip, yes?
I agree that STATUS was not being vengeful but was genuinely caught between wanting honest therapy and NOT wanting her husband jailed. As far as "disclosure before exposure" goes, if some one is knowingly exposing ANY kind of disease, regardless of hetero/homsexual proclivities, there should be some recourse to public health. I def understand the need for equal protection of privacy for all. But no one gets a free pass for peeing in the pool.

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