Savage Love

Defining Decency Down


Dan this was some pretty good advice but I think it's a little bit one-sided to say that he should have mentioned his status before they left the bar without saying that she should have mentioned her status before they left the bar too. Presenting as a cis woman and failing to mention that you have a cock is at least as deceptive (if not more) then failing to mention that you have an out-of-town wife in an open relationship. At the very least they are even and that is a healthier way to approach the situation. Since leaving the bar together is not an ironclad contract for sex, it could be said that neither party had to make full disclosure at that point. People of all persuasions and status fall into bed for the weekend all the time. These two people held a little something back and had a great sexy time as a result. There's nothing wrong with a healthy, guilt-free Monday morning disclosure. Come clean in the morning and take it from there.